Rosalie M. Baum, Ph.D. For setting high standards and demanding that I meet them. She forced me to improve my writing abilities, and I am grateful.

Sara M. Deats, Ph.D. For telling me, "Somewhere there's a quote that would work well in your Hamlet essay. Go find it." She unknowingly "inspired" this project. For lending her support, encouragement, and personal bibliography on Hamlet. And for editing, editing, editing.

Frank Fabry, Ph.D. For giving me my first real taste of Shakespeare and being a wonderfully challenging instructor.

Travis Haag For working late nights and being patient when I grew impatient.

Sara Jenkins For preventing me from making amateur web design mistakes.

Jerry Loberg For patiently answering my panicked phone calls over computer woes and supplying any help that I asked for.

Jack Moore, Ph.D. For authorizing this "unorthodox" thesis. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Joseph Moxley, Ph.D. For being a friendly office neighbor and a wonderful committee member.

Gary Olson, PhD. For offering guidance about the profession and being a perfect committee member.

And, of course, my family members, who were very understanding about unanswered calls/emails--particularly my Mom.