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Hamlet Haven

By Harmonie Blankenship


Welcome to Hamlet Haven, your resource for navigating scholarship on one of Shakespeare's most famous plays.

Today a daunting quantity of Hamlet scholarship exists. Although databases and electronic catalogues aid research, these directories present a virtual wall of minimal bibliographic data. Sorting through lists still takes eons. Meanwhile, new publications are constantly added to the academic stacks that ever threaten to tumble over. This website hopes to assist in the navigation of Hamlet scholarship. It groups together scholarly publications that use similar approaches and that treat similar subjects--translating the overwhelming into the maneuverable.


Listings span materials published between 1991 and 2003 and include studies that focus on the major characters, popular subjects, and leading theoretical approaches. These works have been listed because they are significant contributions to our understanding of one of Shakespeare's most enigmatic plays.

The bibliography excludes notes (8 pages or less), reviews, abstracts, and treatments of theatre and film performances as well as certain forums (e.g., newsletters, bulletins, electronic journals). Scholarship focusing on the Folio/Quartos debate is relevant but requires specific and technical specialization and has thus been omitted. Pedagogical studies, discussions of translations/translating, and comparisons of Hamlet to other literary works are also excluded.

Annotations of 2004 publications!

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